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La dinastía de los Trastámara

The kings of the house Trastámara cover a crucial time in the formation of the future Hispanic Monarchy. During the historical period in which the successive reigns of Enrique II, Juan I, Enrique III, Juan II, Enrique IV and Isabel I in Castile take place; and of Fernando I, Alfonso V, Juan II and Fernando II in Aragon, the territorial composition of Spain is finished, it is finished by unifying the government according to the models of national formation own of Europe, it is concluded with the regime of economy, society and culture of the Middle Ages, the foundations are laid for the beginning of a long period of Spanish economic, political and cultural hegemony, already under the dynasty of Austria, America is discovered...

Following the chronological scheme that runs between the crises of the fourteenth century, within the framework of which occurs at the end of that century the rise of the dynasty, until the reign of the Catholic Monarchs, which ends at the beginning of the sixteenth century, the book The Trastámara dynasty, traces the history of those one hundred and twenty years of the hand of the historian and academic Julio Valdeón. The work, large format, is beautifully illustrated and draws a complete and very interesting iconographic journey through the artistic production of the time through illuminations, miniatures, coins, sarcophagi, maps, altarpieces, statues, paintings, textiles, various documents, and singularly, spectacular photographs of the castles and palaces that the different monarchs had built throughout Spain. The volume, of more than three hundred pages, is completed by a genealogy of the Trastámara house, a bibliographical selection and an onomastic index.

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Julio Valdeón Baruque.

Spanish edition

312 pages

230 colour illustrations

30 x 30cm

Clothbound covered by French fold jacket

Madrid, Ediciones El Viso e Iberdrola, 2006

Reference: 978-84-95241-50-4

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