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Pedro Ruiz

Pedro Ruiz is a profusely illustrated book that makes an exquisite and thorough tour of the work of this famous Colombian painter. Through an interview conducted by the critic and art curator Ana María Escallón, the reader will be able to delve into the sketches, drawings, and oil paintings of Bogota, among which the themes of nature, landscape and Colombian customs stand out, which Pedro Ruiz presents framed in the protests before the forced displacements, the intensive mining exploitation and the fumigations of the agricultural fields with the dangerous glyphosate.


45,00 €

Diego Garzón.

Spanish and English editions

240 pages

180 color illustrations

27 x 33 cm

Clothbound covered by French fold jacket

Bogota, Ediciones EL Viso, 2015

Reference: 978-84-943527-7-5

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