Bernard Bouin, Peintures du réel au mystère

Bouin’s painting is the work of a passionate autodidact and supremely gifted artist. As he did not attend the Beaux-Arts and trained on his own, and by following his own tastes and things he admires, he possesses a strength, originality and character that one only rarely encounters.

Important galleries are convinced of his work, and museums exhibit them, seduced by his meditative, secretive painting that evokes the solitude of the modern world and human melancholy, in portraits and in landscapes. Something of Edward Hopper is present in Bouin, and perhaps memories of Magritte and Delvaux, but also reminiscences of more classical painting, whose craft he learned alone, in his constant visits to museums.

His love and deep understanding of Poussin earned him the friendship and esteem of Pierre Rosenberg, Honorary President-Director of the Musée du Louvre, in whose company he has often enhanced his knowledge of painters.


35,00 €

Lydia Harambourg. André Stanguennec.

French edition

192 pages

180 illustrations

25 x 28 cm

Paper on board binding

Paris, Éditions El Viso, 2019

Reference: 978-84-120107-3-2

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