Por siempre África / Forever Africa

This "coffe table book" represents a photographic research on some of the last living African ethnic group.

Driven by a socio-anthropological-ethnic-aesthetic interest, the photographer travels the African Continent for years, visiting remote lands and exotic people in search of discovering the authenticity of these diverse cultures. Viviana Vammalle has captured the splendour that is found in these countries and amongs its people in their natural habitat, during their daily life and rituals.

Ana María de la Bruyère and Viviana Vammalle have been appointed by the United Nations as Honorary Ambassadors, for having documented the way of life of ethnic groups in danger of disappearing.



75,00 €

Edition coordinated by Ana María de la Bruyère. Photograpgh by Viviana Vammalle. Bilingual edition: Spanish-English

280 pages

320 color illustrations

31,8 x 26,2 cm

Hardcover binding with jacket

Madrid, Ediciones El Viso, 2021.ISBN: 978-84-123468-5-5

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