New Roman Landscapes

Roman Landscapes

Artists of the Roman provinces in Italy created marvelous landscapes that reflect their strong ties to their milieu, ranging from pictures of villas on sunny coasts and quiet temples in the countryside, to colorful vistas of Greece and Egypt. This innovative book explores the intimate connections between those works and the social, political and religious life of the ancient Romans. It presents more than 65 mural paintings, marble sculptures, mosaics and sumptuous vessels made of silver and cameo glass, produced between 100 BCE and 200 CE, including works on public display in museums and at archaeological sites across Italy. This beautifully illustrated volume reflects the common human struggles to control and develop the land, the competing needs of wealth and religion, and the conservation of natural resources.


Edición coordinada por J. Powers.


208 pages

56 color illustrarions

24 x 30 cm

Paperback binding

Madrid, San Antonio Museum of Art and Ediciones el Viso, 2022

Reference: 978-1-883502-25-6

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