Visiones de Latinoamérica en la Hispanic Society of America. Vistas urbanas.

In this volume, the Hispanic Society presents a selection of more than 160 images from its collection of photographs taken in Latin America in the 1850-1920 period. These shots, published here for the first time, offer a surprising perspective of a world that has already disappeared: they not only document the past of different countries, but also represent a priceless chapter in the history of photography.

Containing mainly panoramic and scenes of daily life, this book offers us a different vision of countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Such an approach reflects the interests and goals of Archer Milton Huntington, who, in 1904, founded the Hispanic Society as a group of museums and libraries dedicated to Hispanic culture in the broadest sense of the word. Thus, Huntington wanted to create a collection that not only showed painting and fine arts, but also included images that, nowadays, would be considered ethnographic, showing the customs and characteristic features of everyday life.

As such, the photographs shown here respond to that vision, while allowing us to delve into the past of these countries for a moment.


38,00 €

Patrick Lenaghan. Noemí Espinosa Fernández.

Spanish edition

234 pages

176 duotone illustrations

35 x 25 cm

Paper on board binding

Vol. 1

Madrid, Ediciones El Viso, 2017

Reference: 978-84-947466-7-3

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