Sale! Arquitectura e ingeniería del hierro en España (1814-1936)l

Arquitectura e ingeniería del hierro en España (1814-1936)l

This exhaustive work comes to fill the gap in the study and compilation of important infrastructures and iron constructions, which have marked a fundamental period in the history of architecture and engineering of our country and, with it, of the economic evolution and social of Spain.

Through the pages of this book, and what is shown in them, the reader will be able to reconstruct important events of an era that experienced exciting changes and profound transformations, and in which the foundations of a good part of our life were laid. Later industrial development.

To speak of the architecture and engineering of iron and its derivatives is to speak of the industrial revolution, of progress, of advances in all fields, of the possibility of exploring new techniques and materials and, as a consequence of all this, of the construction of large infrastructure works such as bridges, viaducts or railway stations, but also markets, glass palaces, theaters and bullring.

During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries iron fever invaded everything; iron made possible solutions until then unthinkable, becoming the protagonist of an architecture that has reached our days and that today is part of a historical heritage of the first order that we must recover and conserve.

An example of this is the ferry bridge over the Bilbao estuary, recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which, designed by Alberto de Palacio in 1893, was the first built in the world and symbol of the heyday of industrial society Basque in that era.

Important names such as Eduardo Saavedra, Pablo Alzola and Minondo, Evaristo Churruca and Leonardo Torres Quevedo, top representatives of this architecture and iron engineering, have their place and recognition in this work that Iberdrola wanted to publish as a sign of its commitment to the arts , culture and conservation of our heritage.

Undoubtedly Professor Pedro Navascués, expert in the history of Spanish architecture and author of numerous studies in this field, has managed to create a unique work, which will undoubtedly become a reference book for scholars and a true enjoy for fans of this unparallel technical, cultural and artistic legacy.



125,00 €

Pedro Navascués Palacio.

Spanish and English editions

336 pages

133 color and 48 black and white illustrations

30 x 30 cm

Clothbound coverered by French fold jacket

Madrid, Ediciones El Viso e Iberdrola, 2007

Reference: 978-84-95241-54-2

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