Sale! Louis Vuitton. 100 baúles de leyenda

Louis Vuitton. 100 baúles de leyenda

The firm Louis Vuitton has been carrying trunks and suitcases of the most varied characters for more than 150 years: from circus artists to Indian maharajas. In this book, extraordinarily illustrated and documented by its authors - thanks to the query of the Asnières factory archive, Louis Vuitton's historic headquarters -, the evolution of the most characteristic product of the French house is collected: those unparalleled trunks that gave it World Fame. In addition, aware that Louis Vuitton's creations are intimately linked to their customers, the present volume delves not only into the study of its most unforgettable pieces, but also into the biography of the characters that commissioned them. Thus, we will live the beginnings of aeronautics and participate in the first intercontinental rallies, we will travel with Savorgnan de Brazza through the impenetrable African jungles, we will travel along with Albert Kahn the four points of the globe, we will accompany Ernest Hemingway and his typewriter and, more recently, we will know the trunks commissioned by personalities such as Sharon Stone, Karl Lagerfeld or Damien Hirst.
In addition, an exhaustive technical appendix will allow us to know the secrets of the elaboration of these unique pieces, from the materials and tools used up to the identification and explanation of each one of the anagrams that appear in the trunks. In short, an exceptional book to reflect unrepeatable pieces.


85,00 €

Pierre Leónforte y otros. Prólogo de Patrick-Louis Vuitton.

Spanish edition

496 pages

890 color illustrations

24 x 31 cm

Quarter binding

París, Éditions de La Martinière and Madrid, Ediciones El Viso, 2011

Reference: 978-84-95241-85-6

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