Visiones de Latinoamérica en la Hispanic Society of America. Paisaje industrial

The Hispanic Society of America presents this second volume of images from Latin America taken from 1850 to 1930 approximately, this time focusing only on the different industrial models that each of the countries included in this book covers. In it we can see the industrial development achieved then compared to the old commercial model through a selection of approximately 180 images.

This book offers us a perspective of the different industrial sectors developed by countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico among others. As in Visiones de Latinoamérica en la Hispanic Society of America. Vistas urbanas, the first volume, this one includes photographs of the processes of making tobacco, coffee, meat, rail travel, the mining industry... pieces of how these countries grew and enriched thanks to the different industrial sectors they exploited.


38,00 €

Edición dirigida por Patrick Lenaghan. Noemí Espinosa Fernández.

Spanish edition

234 pages

180 duotone illustrations

35 x 25 cm

Paper on board binding

Vol. 2

Madrid, Ediciones El Viso, 2018

Reference: 978-84-948244-3-2

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