Experiencing México City's Historic Center. The Guide

The historic centre of Mexico City holds 500 years of history and cultural and artistic heritage. It is also the vibrant backdrop of a place teeming with energy and life, which transforms it on a daily basis. This guide has two objectives: firstly, readers will find information to help them broaden their knowledge on the heart of this great city and, secondly, the guide serves a practical purpose, containing maps, walking routes and useful information to accompany readers as they venture out into the city as travellers and explorers. Whoever has this guide in their possession will discover the city centre through the eyes of curators, music lovers, journalists, pleasure-seekers, landscape architects and other insiders, who all provide different recommendations and insight with one thing in common: infinite passion for the centre of Mexico City.


25,00 €

Claudia Itzkowich.

Spanish and English editions

288 pages

200 color illustrations

17 x 22 cm

Flexbinder binding

Mexico City, Ediciones El Viso, 2019

Reference: 978-84-120846-0-3

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