BARCA. Ilustraciones y caricaturas II

Like his last book, published by Ediciones El Viso (BARCA. Ilustraciones y caricaturas, 2017), this one is a magnificent selection of the artist’s drawings, which are primarily depictions of country scenes and hunting scenes, and of people from the countryside and the city, infused with the familiar scenes of everyday life that are so characteristicof his work.

The works in this volume range from the artist’s participation in ABC de la caza, to a selection of biting and humorous caricatures, his marvelous country scenes from the Marqués de Sotoancho saga and illustrations he made for books by his friends.

As an additional element, some of the drawings reflect the terrible effect of the COVID pandemic on daily life, and in particular on rural life and its inhabitants.


60,00 €

Varios Autores.

Spanish edition

136 pages

150 color illustrations by Javier Barcáiztegui

24 x 28 cm

Hardcover binding

Madrid, Ediciones El Viso, 2022

Reference: 978-84-125528-5-0

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