Sale! Arte Contemporáneo en Palacio.Pintura y escultura en las colecciones Reales

Arte Contemporáneo en Palacio.Pintura y escultura en las colecciones Reales

The presence of contemporary Spanish art in the whole of the extraordinary cultural heritage treasured by the Royal Collections, shows the willingness of these collections to link past and present, showing that this magnificent artistic background is not something conclusive, but rather that it is a living heritage, attentive to the artistic creation of our country, as it has happened during the previous centuries.

The collection of National Heritage groups a selection of Spanish contemporary art, broad but not complete, and shows some selected examples that, incorporated into the spaces of high institutional representation of the Royal Sites, provide a renewal of the artistic language, as a reflection of a new time.

The collection includes examples of significant artists of the abstract movement, such as Pablo Palazuelo or José Guerrero, Albert Ràfols-Casamada, Joan Hernández Pijuan or Josep Guinovart, as well as authors with figurative references, such as Juan Genovés, Eduardo Arroyo, Luis Gordillo, Manuel Hernández Mompó or Lucio Muñoz. To this initial nucleus, works of artists of the following generations were incorporated, such as José María Sicilia, José Manuel Broto or Soledad Sevilla, closing the acquisitions of the nineties with a magnificent work by Miquel Barceló.

In 2001, works by José Manuel Ciria, Darío Urzay, Antonio Murado, Juan Uslé, among others, as well as significant artists then still not represented in the collection were incorporated: Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Carlos Franco, Juan Barjola, Carmen Laffón or Julio López Hernández.


15,00 €

Ana Garduño. Adele Nelson. Agustín Arteaga.

Spanish edition

168 pages

79 color illustrations

27 x 31 cm


Madrid, Patrimonio Nacional y Ediciones El Viso, 2015

Reference: 978-84-7120-506-3

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