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Murillo. Catálogo razonado de pinturas

Few painters have had such high attention as Bartolomé Esteban Murillo has achieved in life and in the two years since his death. Due to that reputation, his work, eagerly sought by collectors, is very distributed after having experienced the ups and downs of an unusual process of dispersion that can not be concluded. Currently many paintings are preserved in museums around the world, while others, in private collections, are little known by the public and barely accessible to scholars and have had little critical fortune in the artistic literature -in fact, until now some have remained unpublished or their presence in the history of Art has finished by diluting in silence. For this reason, historians, experts and also anything that is interested in the work of the Sevillian teacher take into account the edition of this book that, most likely, will be for years the main source of basic information about the painting of Murillo.

This volume is also the opportunity to access not only the entire known production of the painter clearly ordered, reasoned and carefully reproduced, but a lot of works that until now only documentary news existed or knew nothing more than the old black and white photographs and poor illustrations.

Today there is no room for doubt about the greatness of Murillo's art. In his public appreciation, which had declined almost vertically during the twentieth century, the beginning of a slow but sure restoration has been seen for some years. However, its cost still remains in part to the prevalence of some topics about the style and themes of his painting; and the general knowledge of his work is reduced to the limitations of a few models of icons that offer the totality of his art. It is essential an approach to other lesser known aspects of his painting and is already justly represented in this book along with the works that were based on the fame of the artist. Murillo Catálogo razonado de pinturas that also updates, completes and clarifies the whole work of Murillo and anticipates a series of studies dedicated to the teacher that will come to light during the next few years and the preparation of this work will contribute decisively.

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118,00 €

Enrique Valdivieso.

Spanish edition

624 pages

465 colour and 40 black and white illustrations

24 x 32 cm

Quarter binding

Madrid, Ediciones El Viso, 2010

Reference: 978-84-95241-77-1

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