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Pinturas del Rococó

This catalogue is the memory of the exhibition Pinturas del Rococó (1690-1840) by Luca Giordano with Vicente López, set of a selection of twenty paintings and two drawings from an era that stretches from the late Baroque to the first Romanticism, parallel to the trends defined by the neoclassical and rococo styles, and of two of the scenarios that best relate to these: Spain and Italy.

Therefore, this book proposes an itinerary that begins with the beauty and fury of the first three sketches of Luca Giordano for the battles that are in the Escorial monastery and concludes with the austerity of the painting on copper The archangel San Rafael de Vicente López or the epic emphasis of the Portrait of General Castaños by Vicente Rodés. A century and a half separates these works, and it is in this chronological arc in which this project is based: the paintings of the Rococo, with its antecedents and consequences.


21,00 €

Arturo Ramón.

Spanish edition

112 pages

22 color and 33 black and white illustrations

23 x 28 cm


Barcelona-Madrid, Arturo Ramón Anticuario, produced by Ediciones El Viso, 1998

Reference: 978-84-86022-93-8

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