Versión celeste. La obra luminosa de Vicente Rojo en el Monte de Piedad

Through interviews with Vicente Rojo and a team of architects and craftspeople, the pages of this book recount the creation of the stained-glass window Versión Celeste, located on the roof of one of the courtyards of the Parent House of the Nacional Monte de Piedad. With topics ranging from the artist's creative process to his experience, his use of materials and his inspiration, and concluding with the monumental stained-glass window, this publication is illustrated with photographs of the process of crafting it and details on the materials and on the installed window. Versión Celeste is the artist's first stained-glass window, an unusual and original work.


13,00 €

Prólogo Bárbara Jacobs. Textos de Claudia Itzkowich.

Spanish edition

80 pages

51 color illustrations

21 x 24 cm

Paperback with flaps

Mexico, Ediciones El Viso, 2019

Reference: 978-84-949629-9-8

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