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Gusto y gustos de Extremadura

With Gusto y Gustos de Extremadura, book that sees the light under the enthusiastic impulse given by the Portuguese interior designer based in Extremadura Duarte Pinto Coelho, is today the rescue of a culinary tradition born of the understanding of three cultures, Christian, Islamic and Jewish , once so devoted to discover with amazement all that they could share as alien to scrutinize sterile differences; a tradition enriched also by so many contributions that, from Rome, from America, from the collected and erudite penumbra of the medieval monasteries, from the rich palatial kitchens, they have found fulfilled destiny in the stoves of Extremadura.

The text of Marina Domecq shows how happy this constant exchange was, while, through a genuine work of gastronomic archeology, undertakes the recovery of its fruits. Next, the master chef Toño Pérez recreates those ancient recipes and offers them to the reader with the accompaniment of excellent photographs of Tayo Acuña that anticipate the pleasure that is then promised to taste.


36,00 €

Fotografías de Tayo Acuña. Marina Domeq. Toño Pérez.

Spanish edition

224 pages

75 color illustrations

20 x 27 cm

Paper on board binding

Madrid, Iberdrola and Caja Extremadura, produced by Ediciones El Viso, 1999

Reference: 978-84-95241-03-0

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