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Castillos de España

The Muslim and Christian castles of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance not only constitute historical vestiges of capital importance but they are integrated into the Spanish landscape as aesthetic landmarks. This is the perspective adopted by the German photographer Reinhart Wolf (Berlin, 1930), specialist in capturing the expressiveness of architecture, who toured our country looking for those old buildings, surrounded by extensive moors, impressive rocks, or on the same edge of the vacuum.

They are large and high quality photographs in which Wolf wanted to highlight how time has fused the constructions erected by man with nature, and how light defines those proud and aggressive volumes. Fernando Chueca Goitia, architect, emeritus professor of History of Art and History of Architecture and numerary of the Royal Academies of History and Fine Arts of San Fernando, introduces the history of Spanish castles, referring to their functions, to its architectural elements, its typologies and its evolution, specifying below the main features and examples of each of the regions with greater presence of these buildings: Castilla, Toledo, Extremadura, the Ebro Valley and Andalusia.


75,00 €

Texto de Fernando Chueca Goitia. Fotografías de Reinhart Wolf.

Spanish edition

112 pages

32 color illustrations

30,5 x 38 cm

Clothbound covered by French fold jacket

Madrid, Ediciones El Viso, 1982

Reference: 978-84-86022-02-0

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