Chus Burés Portraits & Jewellery

"Each of the objects manufactured by Chus Burés is a ramification of his thought and his existence. The artist's practice takes into account the relationships between his jewelry and the people who collect and estimate it, as can be seen in Chus Burés, Portraits & Jewelery (2016). Through the sensitive and intense portraits made by Antoine d'Agata, Alberto García-Alix and Andres Serrano, the jewels reveal a human dimension while manifesting a visual and emotional functioning".

Germano Celant

On the occasion of the publication of the book Chus Burés, Portraits & Jewelery, and in parallel to the common edition, Ediciones El Viso publishes an exquisite limited edition of ninety-nine copies that include a jewel in silver signed and numbered. Made by Chus Burés, this jewel of exclusive design belongs to its Subverted Jewelery collection. In addition to silver, the artist has used boulders from Paris, New York and Madrid, carved as if they were precious stones.


60,00 €

Germano Celant y otros.

Spanish, French and English editions

208 pages

73 color illustrations

24,5 x 29 cm

Clothbound covered by French fold jacket

Madrid, Ediciones El Viso, 2016

Reference: 978-84-946034-3-3

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